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Busy Parent Support

Are you ready to upgrade your life and get the support you deserve? 

Say “Goodbye Stress & Anxiety” 

I’m leading busy parents to a peaceful mind and a life calm, energized and balanced. 
Let’s work together to live the divine life you want and merit. 

Coaching Options

  • Stress Free Energized Parent

    Do you know ways to release stress & anxiety? Well, I love to help you fell well-balanced, healthy and happy. Let’s reach your desired life together! You will find balance, lasting health and true happiness.

  • Plant-Based Diet Consultation

    Are you interested in a plant-based diet and don't know if it's for you? Did you start to live on a vegan diet and need some more guidance and/or inspiration? I will provide you with everything you need to start a plant-based diet, so you will enjoy your meals.

  • Help with Your Children

    Are you looking for help with your child? I offer coaching with your children, who needs special attention, and guidance. Have a mindful, healthy and happy child!

It's time to live the life you deserve as a working parent.

Holistic Health Coach Sarah Scheiber

Hi, busy parent,

I’m Sarah C Scheiber

I am a leading Stress & Anxiety Health Coach, Motivational Speaker,  Personal Trainer, Hobby Chef & the founder of Erumpere.

I know how it feels to struggle with different difficult and stressful situations. Besides my own health history, I was also learning a lot about the different health problems of my multiple disabled brother in a position as a caretaker/parent for 25 years.

I am passionate about empowering people to break free from limitations, manage stress, depression and anxiety and find overall balance & health in life.

Powerful Masterclasses

Coming Soon!

Healthy-Habit New Year Masterclass

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I am hosting a Free class to share some of the tools to overcome anxiety, manage stress and live a balanced life.
It's especially now very challenging to find balance and stay healthy. But there are simple things that you can do to feel healthy, energized and balanced.
Are you interested to take your first step to break free from stress, deperession or anxiety?
Let's work together on your New Year's Resolutions.
Join this class in January 2024!

Coming Soon!

How to Loose Weight & Grow Your Strength

Weight & Strength

Are you trying to loose weight, feel self-confident and good looking like for the summer season?

This Free Masterclass is explaining you the main things you should do to loose weight as a busy parent.

You will not only fit in your favorite summer clothes, you will also improve your overall performance, increase your self-esteem and have endless energy for yourself, your family and friends.


Achieve your health goals, feel strong, and be happy as a parent.

Join this class in January 2024


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Holistic Health Coach Sarah Scheiber
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“Now I feel much stronger, younger and healthier! Before, everything was draining me, making me lethargic and or made me constantly nervous and stressed. I realized that living with balanced food options, regular sport and a positive mindset is my medicine. It not only raised my energy on a level unimaginable, but at the same time my motivation was skyrocketing.”
-Nadi B.
“Managing my anxiety led me to be more productive and successful. But I also lost a lot of weight and I got in the best shape ever. I changed my diet, I started to do a lot of sport and I brought more structure into my life. I feel very healthy and powerful now.”
-Jose A.

Schedule a free 20 minute chat with me to talk about health and well-being.
We will find out if we are a good fit to work together. 

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