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How often do you feel overwhelmed in your life?

How often did you want to change your lifestyle?

How often did you fail?

Did you have the motivation to change something at all?


 Breathe & Smile


I have build my business from the ground up, after I managed my struggle with several chronicle health issues for years.

I feel empowered to help parents who are struggling with stress, depression and anxiety. It’s possible to find overall  health and well-being.


I know very well how frustrating and exhausting life can be. Being a parent, working as an employee, running a business, trying to be just a woman or man and staying healthy, fit and well-balanced can be very challenging.

If you feel ready to throw in the towel – please hear this:
You don’t need to give up!

I’m here to help you!  


As a stress & anxiety  coach, motivational speaker & P.T. – I help busy parents who suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. But also if they struggle weight problems, digestion issues, or feeling unbalanced and stressed out.

I want you to shine bright and show it proudly to the world.

Why or How? Well, read about it down below!

Here’s my transformational health story

In 2012 I was completely down. After an unhealthy lifestyle and two very stressful years, I wanted to hide from the world. I lost my self-esteem and self-confidence.

I realized quite late that I suffered from a chronicle Gastritis, Colitis, the infection of the Helicobacter p. and a hernia of the diaphragm – followed by a depression, heavy headaches, influenza and annoying reflux. 

Nobody was able to help me, not even the doctors. 

I had 12 appointments at different doctor offices in 6 months and 2 antibiotic therapies, which damaged my body even more. My body was already too weak for strong medication. I got stronger circulatory problems, candida, no appetite for food at all, other digestive problems, and my head felt dizzy, like in a rollercoaster. I felt really very weak and lost.

I lost 33 pounds in around 6 months, my lowest weight was 92,5 pounds (I’m 5.4 ft tall).

I was frustrated, unsatisfied, and afraid of losing even more weight.

I knew I had to change my current situation and look for a different way to find my inner balance again.

I first visited some taiji classes, then I started with acupuncture treatments for 4 months. I did several sports activities and I started to travel again. I was also doing a lot of research about the right diet for me. I quit sugar and dairy and I read a lot about TCM and healthy foods from around the world.

After about one and a half years, I felt healthy and fit, because I found my balance. I was doing sports regularly, focusing on a healthy diet and working on my mindset.

I was boosting my self-awareness and self-esteem. I realized what’s good for me and what’s not. I started to focus on the positive things and people in my life. I keep the bad things away from me. No negative energy – only positive vibes.

Company name Erumpere – Background Story

 I was looking for a unique name, but also for a meaning that matches with my goal for people who have huge challenges in their life.

The latin word ‘erumpere’ means ‘break free’.

I knew immediatley, that’s the perfect description for my health coaching and also correlates with my logo, which I had in mind from the very first beginning.

My logo symbolizes a lotus flower and a butterfly.

The word erumpere and the logo are describing the metamorphosis, that we have to go through very often, before we grow and feel much stronger.

The beautiful lotus flower emerges from a dirty pond over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon. You can see the blooming flower only during the day, because the lotus retracts into the water over the night. But the flowers look always clean and pure.   The lotus roots are in the mud, but the flower emerges from the dirty water and rise above it all in the sunshine and has a self-cleaning qualities.

It’s very interesting that, the lotus is representative for the chaotic and painful life, but you can break free once you emerge into to sunshine and get rid of all the dirt that is keeping you small.

Therefore the lotus flower is a symbol of purity, life, awakening, rebirth, enlightement, beauty and love.

The butterfly is like you probably know, first a not really welcome, little, unappealing caterpillar, who metamorphosis to a beautiful, colorful and bright butterfly. The caterpillars main activity is eating, because of that they get a body mass  over 100 times bigger than their birth size. Then they start to shred their skin 4-5 times, before they reaching the next life stage of the pupa, where it hangs down from a safe area. The skin starts to get thinner and the wings of the butterfly can be seen. This transformation can last for a couple of days or more than a year. When  the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis the wings are wet an wrinkled. So the butterfly starts pumping a liquid to their wings to become big and strong.

Also the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, wonder of life, joy, change, endless potential, beauty and the essence of one’s true self.

After you go through my coaching program, you will feel stronger than ever before, you will find your inner power, your unique beauty and break free from every negativity in your life for now and the future.

Why working with me

I am a Leading Stress & Anxiety Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personal Trainer & Hobby Chef.

I know how it feels to struggle with difficult and stressful situations. Besides my own health history, I was learning a lot about the different health problems of my multiple disabled brother Max, born 1996. I was taking care of him part-time since he was born, because my dad was not able to handle the situation, so my parents got divorced. But my mom and I managed every challenge we had with Max. But I don’t blame my dad for his behavior and we have a good relationship now, which I really appreciate

Moreover I am very thankful to have such a lovely and special younger brother, who brightens my life.



  • Body Healing Coach Diploma, CPD
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition, CPD
  • Fitness & Weight loss Diploma, CPD
  • Anger&Aggression Management,CPD
  • Certificate in Shaolin Arts, China

Member of

  • International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, IAHT
  • Food Revolution Network
  • International Speaker Summit
  • Youth Speaker University


Holistic Health Coach Sarah Scheiber
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