It’s Your Time to Reclaim Your Health


Did you know that the human body consists of 70 trillion cells and they are all made up of energy?                              

The smallest particle that we are is energy and energy is never destroyed. The cells receive energy from  oxygen and nutrients from the system within the body. 

So if there is a breakdown of flow of the cells, whether this causes oxygen, nutrients or energetic problems, the cell will not be able to stay healthy or regenerate. The cells, therefore, cannot support the organs and the system.

As Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut.” 

If we look directly at the body and mind link, we can prevent and overcome stressors, as it covers the psychological awareness of finding balance in life.

So, let’s focus on improving our gut-brain communication, because a poor diet, low fitness interest and a stressed or anxious mind have altogether a huge impact on our overall health.

Do you know ways to get a healthy gut and healthy mind?

Well, I would love to help you getting well-balanced, healthy and happy.              

Let’s reach your desired health transformation together!

 You will find balance, lasting health and true happiness.

Coaching Options



90 min discovery call. We will talk about your current situation and your health goals.


Stress-Free Energized Parent

Start your transformational journey with 1:1 coaching services.

Relieve stress by understanding your body's physical and emotional reactions

Stress-Free Energized Mastergroup

This holistic coaching program is a 90 days online group coaching program for busy parents.

Let's do this together.

Free Masterclasses

Healthy-habit masterclass

Healthy-Habit MasterClass

for a healthy and balanced life!

Are you struggling with stress, depression or anxiety as busy parent?Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and sleepy?

Then this class will learn you 4 simple things to start improving your health and relieve stress & anxiety.

Be able to spend quality time with family and friends as working parent or care taker.

 Make Your Health & Wellness Goals a Success!


Loose weight to fit in summer fashion

Master Loose Weight to Fit in Divine Fashion

Are you trying to loose weight to feel self-confident and good looking for the every season?

This masterclass is explaining you the main things you have to do to loose weight as a busy parent.

You will not only fit in your favorite  clothes, you will also improve your overall performance, increase your self-esteem and have endless energy for yourself, your family and friends.

Achieve your health goals as a parent to feel strong, and happy!



Before/after pic of my transformation

Me 2010 & Me 2020

I was living a very unhealthy life.

This picture was even one of the better looking picture of this time, but I deleted most of the pictures where I was a little bit overweight. Because I felt uncomfortable looking at those pictures, I actually feel ashamed of myself, how I looked like. Then I had to go through a very challenging time for my body, mind and soul.  So I decided to go on transformational journey to heal myself and become stronger, well-balanced and healthy. I strengthen my body, mind and soul in a holistic way on my own.

Now I want to show you, how you can achieve your health and wellness goals.

You are not alone with your health problems and a stressful life!

I will support you, on your way to a healthy and well-balanced life.

Schedule a free 20 minute chat with me to talk about health and well-being.
We will find out if we are a good fit to work together. 

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