single coaching session

Single Coaching Call

$ 59 90
  • 90 Minutes
  • Zoom Call
NEW Year's Special

I help working parents who are struggling with parenting, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Are you experiencing exhaustion, digestive issues, weight problems and frustration?

No Stress

Relieve Stress By Understanding Your Body's Physical and Emotional Reactions.

Improve Your Brain-Gut Communication, to manage stress, depression and anxiety.

Yes Balance

Create a divine balance of your work, play and massive self-care.

Learn simple ways to feel strong, healthy and happy Impress yourself and other people with your strength and sparkle.

 We will talk about your current situation – regarding your

overall well-being.

In this session we will find out – The best option for your needs.     
We will decide together what is best for you! Feel your absolute best, from spirit to body.
During our coaching call, we will talk about your diet, your mindset and your fitness level.

Please don’t worry about anything that you are sharing with me! There is no judgement and everything stays just between you and me!

Be proud of yourself, because you want to change your current situation and take control of your body and mind. 

Our goal is to reach a healthy gut- healthy mind communication, so you have a lasting health, and overall balance in your life.
Schedule an appointment with me, to talk about your health goals!
Do you want to impress yourself and other people with your strength, happiness, and sparkle?
Start with your first little step to get healthy and balanced!
Book your single coaching session.
I am Here to Help You!

Single Coaching Call

$89.9 $ 59 90
  • 90 Minutes
  • Zoom Call
NEW Year's Special

Schedule a free 20 minute chat with me to talk about health and well-being.
We will find out if we are a good fit to work together. 

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