Yoga Workout to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

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Why Yoga is great if you feel stressed or anxious


Stress is the invisible killer that we often don’t talk about. It might seem under our control, as times, but without actually acting on it, stress can eventually grow and become a chronic disease. In addition, you can also suffer from depression and anxiety. 

As per the American Psychological Association 2020, 78% of Americans suffer from major stress issues and over 60% think that their own stress levels have increased. Stress has taken a toll on their body, productivity levels, mental health, and social relationships too. But we can de-stress ourselves in our own homes.

Yoga offers a simple way to cleanse and balance your energy. Certain poses can be extremely beneficial in balancing, opening and activating certain chakras. For instance, the downward dog pose is useful for the base chakra. Certain specific styles of yoga can particularly help in this regard. Kundalini yoga, for example, is helpful in opening and activating the crown chakra.

Yoga is also a great way to strengthen your body, free your mind and relieve stress and anxiety. 

The exercises in this video are probably more intermediate. But feel free to watch and try it out. Just be careful! Don’t harm your body! Do what feels comfortable to you, skip the parts which are too advanced for you. And don’t forget to breath! You should feel energized after your yoga workout.

Practicing just one of these methods can help you cleanse your mind, balance your chakras and boost your energy so you can begin working in the right direction to find your Zen and lead a positive life.

Let’s be healthy and active !


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